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Education Wing - A Tribute to Motherhood

In the sacred vedic hymns the mother is referred to as verily god incarnate herself. The well-known vedic dictum ‘ Maatru Devo Bhava’ places the mother in the lap of divinity itself. The greatness and glory of our mothers lies in the simple truth that they are the very embodiments of love, sacrifice, patience, forbearance, enormous inner strength and fortitude. It is our mothers who nourish, nurture and mould the child into humanness. Bhagavan Baba reminds us of the distinctive attribute only a mother possesses and that is of being the first person a child encounters. The mother is man’s first Guru. It is the mother who shows her child to their father, who in turns takes the child to the Guru whose responsibility it is to take the child on the good and Godly path.

Every religion pays homage to the greatness of motherhood by the great examples of Goddesses such as Mother Mary, Mother Kunti, Mother Sumitra, Mother Aryaamba, Mother Sarah and our very own Mother Easwaramma. It is the result of the noble and virtuous thoughts, words and deeds of these great and Godly mothers that we have been graced and blessed with the divine incarnations such as Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, the Prophet Mohammed, Guru Nanak Dev, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Sri Adi Shankara Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to name but a few.

Bhagavan Baba gently instructs us that only when we love and revere our own mothers and fathers, only then can we understand and experience the love of our Divine Mother and Father. Bhagavan Baba in order to demonstrate to us the importance of revering our parents performed His duties towards His parents Sri Kondama Raju and Mother Easwaramma during their lifetimes most lovingly and reverentially and He continued to visit their resting place (Samadhi) every year on the 6th Of May, known as Easwaramma Day.

Easwaramma Day in the Sai calendar is earmarked to be celebrated as Children’s Day the world over just so as to remind us of the ideal of reverence and gratitude towards our mothers and motherhood. Mother Easwaramma who so very dearly loved children was a great proponent of the Bal Vikas movement and hence Bhagavan graciously consented for this day to also be the day when hundreds of Bal Vikas children come together in His presence to offer their loving hearts and minds in the form of cultural programmes and to imbibe the highest spiritual lessons from the Divine Mother whilst performing selfless service to the needy.

National Easwaramma Day Celebrations this year in the United Kingdom is being commemorated as a day when our SSE children will come together to ‘Walk with Sai: And Be One’. Mother Easwaramma in her own life walked with Sai by demonstrating and practicing the qualities of kindness, devotion, patience, sacrifice, simplicity, humility and personifying the five Human Values of Truth, Right-Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence as the very breath of her life. Our children through their SSE classes across the regions have been preparing for this annual event by participating in a National Poster and Poem event on the theme ‘Walk with Sai: And Be One’. From all the wonderful offerings of love from so many children, one poster and one poem has been selected as the flyer and poem to commemorate the event which will be showcased in the Love & Light publication. However, all the entries will be displayed on the day of the National Easwaramma Day Celebrations on 3rd May 2014 in Hatfield.

The children are also preparing for the annual SSE procession on the theme along with cultural and devotional items that they will present on the day. This year will also fulfil one of the objectives of commemorating Easwramma Day, that of being dedicated to the service of the needy. In this regard, an item of food contribution to the Food Bank will be encouraged for all children to participate in through the Ceiling on Desires programme that is an important aspect of the SSE programme. The SSE alumni and Sai youth are also working with abundant enthusiasm and dedication in providing an exhibition titled ‘Walk with Sai’.

Bhagavan’s grace on our children is boundless and has come in the form of a very special guest presiding over the National Easwaramma Day Celebrations this year. Professor Nanjundiah, formerly teacher and Controller of Examinations, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, India has had the immense good fortune of having walked with Sai for over four decades and he will be sharing his journey with Sai.

Needless to say, it will be a day for all of us to ‘Walk with Sai: And Be One’.

Mrs Vidyulatha Narayan
National SSE Coordinator