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Education Wing - Poem: Walking with Sai

When one walk with Sai, they can do anything
No matter what difficulties the world may bring.
The cycle of joy and sorrow goes round and round,
When you’re with Sai, peace will abound.

When one walks with Sai, holy bhajans will they sing
Peace, like a tender dove does His presence bring.
Darkness flees as the light of Sai shines bright
When you’re with Sai, He saves you from your plight.

When one walks with Sai, they shine with Him
Swami’s radiance and light will never become dim.
Dedicate your heart to Sai, brimming with devotion
When you’re with Sai, the journey to bliss is in motion.

By: Sukrith Kumar
Age: 14
SSE Group 3
Region 3