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Region 4 - Coventry SSE Celebrating Mother’s Day

Sunday 30th March 2014

Mother's Day was celebrated at a grand scale at SSE on Sunday 30th March. The altar was beautifully decorated by all the Gurus and the young SSE children. Manay set the scene with a warm welcome and paid gratitude to our Mother Sai first, followed by quotes on Mothers read by Kishen and Shyaami. The programme commenced with an enchanting welcome dance dedicated to Mata Saraswati by Amrita.

The Group 1 girls – Menagaa, Neha and Amrita all dressed up in different forms of Goddesses - Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati Mata. They wore bright and colourful costumes and displayed vibrant expressions which were very enjoyable to observe.

Two Group 1 boys - Krishan and Aksh who had researched and compiled their talk on the Goddesses confidently delivered it by reciting it from their hearts.

After that, the SSE children captivated the audience by their smiles and singing sweetly the bhajan - “Jaya Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati”

Group 2 children – Kishen delivered a very informative talk on Ganga Maa. Dhruv researched the topic of ‘Mother Earth’ and shared many interesting facts about the gifts that nature gives us. He mentioned that preserving nature will make an enduring difference in the health of our planet and all of the life on which it depends.

Group 3 children - Aman, Darshan and Rutiksha presented their researched topic on Bhoo Mata, Gau Mata and Veda Mata. This was full of fascinating facts about the different Goddess forms and history.

After the presentations by the children, each child offered their gratitude and thanks to their mothers and grandmothers who were present in the audience and received their blessings. The Nursery children in particular were very amusing and thanked their mums by expressing their love for all the yummy food they cook and reading books and playing with them. This was followed by the Centre members seeking the blessings from the respected elderly ladies of the Centre. It was a very touching and heartfelt exercise. After paying gratitude each child found their mum in the crowd and gave them a beautiful flower, piece of cake, a hug and a kiss. A Youth - Dipesh Patel (former SSE student) also took part in this and expressed his heartfelt message for his mum.

The room was spilling over with happy vibes and smiles all round! It was a well-planned and successful event - an amazing way to start Mothering Sunday.

The programme concluded with Kishen summarising the celebration and everyone singing the bhajan – “Mother O Mother Sai Maa” followed by all the mums linking arms to perform the melodious Aarti.

All the children were given yummy chocolate cakes baked by the Gurus as a gift from the celebrations.

We thank Swami for guiding us and filling our lives with love and bliss and making this event fruitful for all of us.

Jai Sai Ram
By: Smitha Karunakaran - SSE Parent