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Region 4 - Mothers’ Day and Ugadi Celebrations at the Leicester Central Sai Centre

We, devotees paid a heart-felt homage to our mothers, grandmothers and above all, to our Dearest Universal Mother Sai through myriad activities at the Leicester Central Sai Centre on the 30th March 2014. It was inspirational to see young children and young adults from the SSE wing to express Swami’s dictum, “Matru Devo Bhava!” in action. The loving experiences of mothers and grandmothers in relation to their children brought tears to many devotees’ eyes.

The main programme started after the bhajans and was almost completely led by SSE students of different ages from very young age to the Group 4. The comparing was very ably carried by the SSE young boys. The programme opened with poems written by some of very young and older SSE students, to express their deeply felt love and gratitude towards their mothers and grandmothers, such as,

The mothers, grandmothers, SSE gurus, aunties and uncles present in the audience were moved and thrilled by the manifold talents of our young devotees, the future leaders of the world according to our Beloved Baba.

The next item to follow had showcased young musicians from the SSE who played instruments such as violin, keyboard, tabla, flute and the harmonium. Naturally, what bound them with the common theme was their pure love to our Mother Sai and this they did it through musical, instrumental renditions which culminated in the famous Mother O Mother Sai Maa English bhajan which they all played together in an orchestral style.

Another very interesting and enlightening item this year featured talks given by mothers and grandmothers about their experiences of being mothers and grandmothers. This item was organised by the Ladies’ Wing at the centre and incorporated devotees who shared their experiences in English and Gujarati, the latter, a language spoken by many of the devotees at this centre. This was particularly effective as it included those devotees who mainly communicated in that language. One mum narrated her wonderful experience of how Swami came to her miraculously to heal her young daughter of her illness under very trying circumstances. Another grandmother, reminded us of the need to serve all with love and without any distinction of caste, creed or any other limiting criteria.

The day’s celebrations added variety with interesting description of the Ugadi festival presented by the SSE parent who explained the spiritual significance of the festival with colourful examples! Then some SSE children presented a small Kuchipudi dance and presented a power point about the Tamil New Year, Puthandu. Another SSE parent also prepared the pongal sweet dish made on the occasion of Puthandu and shared it with the devotees at the centre. In the end, there was a beautiful surprise for the mothers of SSE children. The names of the mothers were called out and their children offered them gifts of love and thankfulness! What a moving ceremony that was!

From the Mothers’ Day celebrations, we are all reminded of selfless love. Dear brothers and sisters, why is it so important to cultivate such love for all? What has Swami advocated to us in this matter?

“You do not need any special type of penance or meditation. Meditate on love. Fill your mind with love. Even while attending to your daily chores, regard all of them as offerings to the Divine. God is omnipresent. See God in everything and every being. Let love grow in your hearts like the waxing moon. Divine love will not wane like the moon. Let such steadfast love be enshrined in your heart. As Thukaaraam said: Dhil me Raam, haath me kaam (Raam in the heart and work in the hand).” (taken from the Discourse on 23-11-1996 in Sai Kulwant Mandap)

Let us, from now on, intensify our love in action for all through good thoughts, kind words and selfless actions. Always!

Jai Sai Ram.