Region 6 - Multi-faith Event

A Regional Multifaith Chanting Day was held at Park Barn Community Centre in Guildford on Saturday, 25th of June 2011. Although we only had a few links with other spiritual and religious groups in this area, we were delighted that representatives of the Jewish, Bahai, Muslim, Sufi, and Buddhist traditions attended and participated enthusiastically on the day.

All the participants sang beautifully from their own tradition and at times, we were all invited to join in. Three of them also answered questions on their beliefs and practices which deepened the understanding of those present. The highlight of the afternoon, was when one of the Sufis (from the Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi Order), in full regalia, performed the whirling ceremony. She was accompanied by her companion who played hauntingly on his flute. They explained afterwards that this whirling ceremony is a powerful way of connecting with oneís inner divinity. Maurice Allen, a long-time devotee of Sai Baba, summarised the day by reminding us to carry the spirit of love and unity that we all felt during this event out into the world and act in accordance with it in our daily lives. This can be difficult, particularly when irritations with others who are different can make themselves felt.

All in all, it was a most joyful event for everyone, and a warm and lovely atmosphere reigned throughout. All of us came away a little wiser, with more understanding of the truth that, inspite of external differences, we are all One in Godís Love. The pleasing thing also was that the guests who attended very much enjoyed the event and would like to come again. Even those who could not come on this occasion, expressed great enthusiasm about such an event, and the principle underlying it, and would very much like to be invited next time.