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Region 1 - Lewisham Centre: Maha Samadhi Day

April can now be deemed as one of the most emotional months in our calendar as this month reminds us that our Bhagwan’s physical form is no longer here. Yet as the days go by more and more special things occur, ensuring us that even though His physical form has gone, He is and always will be ever present.

3 years has passed since our beloved Swami took Maha Samadhi and to mark this auspicious occasion Region 1’s Lewisham Sai Centre decided to put on an extra special bhajan. The evening began with Padhuka Abishek and 108 Ashtrothra, followed by the Lingashtakam. The SSE children then lead Mulitfaith Prayers before bhajans commenced lead by the centre’s SSE and Youth wings. The bhajans were uplifting and provided an abundance of vibrations, creating a beautiful and energetic atmosphere for all.

Members from the regional team were in attendance and before Mahaprashad was served we had the privilege of listening to a few words from Region 1 Chairperson Yoges Uncle. An ardent devotee of Swami, Yoges uncle spoke of His omnipresence and to never feel like He is not there, fitting words on this particular occasion. Yoges uncle also mentioned one of his experiences in Prashanthi and how Bhagawan gave him a look of acknowledgement as someone else was singing one of Yoges uncle’s recently sung bhajans again exhibiting another example of how our Lord is constantly there, constantly listening, constantly watching and constantly guiding us on our spiritual paths.

Dhiran Jayasundera