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Region 5 - Bolton Sai Centre Paduka Pooja

Paduka Pooja (Worship of the impressions of Lord’s Feet)

Sathya Sai Group of Bolton hosted Paduka Pooja on the 5th April 2014. Padhukas were procured from Prashanthi Nilayam and were offered at the MahaSamadhi before using them in the worship.

Smaller Padhukas (around 150) were also bought from Prashanthi Nilayam so that every family that attended had a pair to do the pooja on the day.

The pooja started with chanting of the Omkaar, Vedam and bhajans. The Padhukas were brought to the hall amidst the Vedic chanting. The pooja was then done for the padhukas with abhishekam (consecration). Every devotee in the hall participated in the worship.

One of the experienced devotee oversaw the procedures whilst explaining the significance of the ritual. The event ended by the Arati and taking of the prasadam (offering)

The event was attended by around 130 devotees from the Region. Everyone who participated left inspired with their hearts filled with a sense of peace and happiness within.

One is reminded what Bhagawan had said about such rituals and not to forget the end goal.

“In the morning, Punditji, while doing abhisheka to the padukas with milk, curds, and honey, explained the significance of these offerings. All these spiritual pursuits are meant for the purification of Heart. “Chittasya Suddhaye Karmaha (all actions are aimed at the purification of heart).

Purity alone is not enough to experience Divinity. With purity of heart, you should offer yourself to God. You would not offer a faded flower to God. Likewise, the heart, which may be compared to a flower, should be fresh and devoid of impurities before it is offered to God. There is an ocean of difference between archana (worship) and arpitham (total surrender). It is not archana, but it is arpitham that is most essential.” Sathya Sai Speaks/volume31/sss31.pdf

Ketan Parmar