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Region 6 - Serving another Mother this Mothers Day

This Mothers’ Day, a few Youth from Region 6 didn’t spend the morning making their mother breakfast in bed as normal, but spent the time serving another Mother. Working with their local council and part of a National project, ‘The Big Tidy Up,’ they spent a couple of hours picking up litter from two of their local parks. This was not only satisfying but also rewarding having helped a Mother that is sometimes forgotten. The group of 4 youth managed to fill 8 rubbish bags which was a mix of normal and recyclable rubbish.

The enthusiasm, dedication and positive attitude demonstrated by the youth helped make this a fun yet meaningful activity. It was unbelievable to see the difference just a couple of hours work made to the areas cleaned. We came across anything and everything imaginable, but nevertheless, everyone was in high spirits after the session with the youth even talking about doing this again sometime!

One youth said, “Just a few people going out made a huge difference to our local environment and it feels good to go to the park and see the difference the litter made to the environment.” Another said, “It actually made me stop and think about my own mother while picking up the litter and not to take her for granted.”

Mother earth has always provided for our needs physically but also has done so spiritually:

Man means he who marches from the status of self to the All-inclusive Self, from Atma to Paramatma. Towards the success of that march, all Nature can provide is advice and guidance to the very end. The real Guru one must rely upon is Nature, saturated with God. God does not teach us directly; He teaches us through Nature, which surrounds us. When we teach OM to children, we pronounce it loudly and at the same time write the letter OM on a slate. God has written OM on every speck of nature; that is the slate from which we have to learn of Him.

Sathya Sai Speaks XI, Chapter 20, 116-122.