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National Easwaramma Day 2014

On 3rd of May 2014 the national celebrations for Eswaramma Day took place in Hertfordshire. This year’s theme was “Walk with Sai: And be One”.

At around nine o‘clock the crowds started rolling in what turned out to be with Baba’s blessings a glorious Saturday morning. After a replenishing breakfast the children were then grouped according to their regions ready for the first item of the day – “Walk With Sai - Human Values Procession".

The day kicked off with the SSE students from the different parts of the United Kingdom participating in a vibrant procession depicting the five human values of Truth, Right Conduct, peace, Love and Non-Violence with famous personages, saints and leaders from history and our scriptures who stood for these values, along with banners, handmade posters, exciting mascots and music to Walk with Sai and be One! I was part of the Region 2 procession based on "Right Conduct" which was like a carnival, colourful and fun with each placard displaying a message or Swami's quote. Our procession was broken into 3 main parts, first was depicting Mother Teresa, second was showing how Students can get involved in serving the community such as helping the elderly and the needy and finally the climax was about "Mother Earth" and how we can protect it better with the simple action of recycling.

With the SSE students back in their seat it was time for the pledge ceremony which the children offered to Swami followed by the guest speaker Dr Nishit Patel, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon and SSE alumnus who mesmerised the crowd with his fantastic speech. This was especially great for the children as each and every one could relate exactly to him as he narrated his childhood stories with Swami as a Bal Vikas student. By midday it was time for lunch. The food ranged from healthy salads to multi-coloured ice-creams, each lovingly prepared by the wonderful volunteers. After a delicious lunch the children then set off with an SSE teacher to go and do various different group activities.

Region 2 prepared 4 different activities for Group 1 Children. The children were split into 2 groups (1 x 6 years old and the other 7 - 9 years old). The younger group activity involved a "Connect 2 Sai" game with questions and answers. This was based on the "Connect 4" Game. The other activity involved the children holding and lifting the Parachute, this was so much fun as all the children were involved in Running, Singing, Laughing and Silent sitting under the "Parrachute".

I had the privilege to be on stage and narrate for the procession that the children from R2 were part of.

This was then gracefully followed by the invocation of prayers recited by the region 2 students from Slough and Harrow West centres reciting the ‘Ganapathi prarthana’ and the ‘First Anuvaaka of Rudram’ (Vedam).

This was followed by melodious multi-faith prayers chanted by SSE children from Region 3.

The opening session of the morning was brought to a close with three little girls from Region 5 who absolutely stunned the crowd with their beautiful bharathanatyam dance welcoming Swami done with such professionalism that it brought tears of joy to the eyes of the audience.

The other group also had two different games; one was based on the game called "Blockbusters". SSE version of the game was called "Linked in 2 Sai". The girls team won the game as they were the first ones to fully link up from left to right to where Swami was waiting. The second game involved some concentration and accuracy of hand and eye coordination. We had to land one of our three discs onto where Swami's photo was placed. if we were to land the disc on the photo then we took Swami home with us. In between goes we sang bhajans and relaxed our mind in order to find Swami beside us.

The activities had great moral values. The games were exciting and informative. There were activities for the Nursery children, a workshop and quiz for the Group 3 children and art and crafts for the group 2 children.

After an hour of fun the children entered the ‘Walk with Sai’ experience. This was a beautifully hand crafted walk through area lovingly put together by the SSE alumni and Sai youth. Each section was extremely informative about Baba’s life and by the time the experience was over, each child came out with extended knowledge and a small Sai pendent from the Kalpavriksha tree!

I would like to thank all the SSE teachers for their tremendous efforts and help in supporting us to prepare for this programme. I would also like to thank all the volunteers and committee members for bringing this program together. Special thanks goes to my dearest Swami and the coordinators for giving me the opportunity to be on stage and narrate on such auspicious day, in front of such a big crowd'. We all did come together as One!

Jai Sai Ram
Prajwal [SSE student]
Region 2