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Region 1 - Easwaramma Day Celebrations at Tooting

This years Easwaramma Day celebrations were held at Tooting on 4th May with the commencement of bhajans followed by seven different items from children of all age groups and classes. As usual a lot of preparatory work was done by the teachers, children and parents to make the event a resounding success. This is one of the few events that brings out the Communal Spirit of the Centre as a number of parents helped to set up the Hall, Stage and Altar a day before in readiness for the event for the following day whilst the children were doing their rehearsals at the same time.

The first play performed by the six year olds tells the story of a woodcutter who lost his axe in a river. A mermaid then tempts him with a golden and silver axe but he resolutely sticks to his principle of truth and chooses his old iron set instead.. The lesson here for us as parents is to encourage and set good examples for our children to speak the truth.

The second play was the Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu , performed by the eight year olds. They then sung a song about recycling and how man abuses the bountiful items provided by mother Earth with an emphasis on what Swami has always told us about wastage of resources, electricity and food.

This was then followed by a beautiful dance item by one of the four year old children. It took a lot of courage to stand in front of over 135 guests to perform this and one can see the abundant skill and talent in this young girl, Saviben. One to be watched out for in future.

Thereafter, the 12-15 year olds did a play on an episode of Adi Sankara's childhood depicting that even the Divine Plan needs to await the Blessings of the Mother before it can proceed followed by recital of selected Bhaja Govindam verses.

The next play entitled 'Watch your Thoughts, Words & Deeds' was performed by 9-11 year olds. This was based on a Genie who would grant any three wishes that you wanted but as the play showed, there were serious consequences to unlimited desires being granted. This brought out the worst in people and led to qualities such as anger, despair and sadness. Instead as Swami says, the focus should be on inner peace and happiness by turning towards God and Selfless Service.

The 12-15 year old children then did a play on Hanuman's devotion where the ever popular story of a set of pearl necklace that mother Sita gives to Hanuman and who in turns discards it. When asked why, he replies that any object that does not have Lord Ram's name reverberating from it is of no use to him. To prove his point, he plucked one of the hairs from his body and held it out for all to hear his beloved Lord Ram's name echoing from it.

The final item was the SSE Childrens Choir who sang three songs dedicated to one's mother and Mother Sai. It was a truly magnificient performance and one which they also did the following day at the Regional celebrations. Weeks and weeks of rehearsals and practice had finally paid off.

Tooting Sai Centre