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Region 6 - Health Awareness Clinic: Farnborough

Region 6 were fortunate enough to serve the local community of Farnborough by setting up a valuable Health Awareness Clinic on the 21st of August. Volunteers and medical professionals from across the region united in offering their humble and loving service to the community.

On the day of the event, a great sense of oneness was felt amongst the volunteers and everything seemed to fall into place smoothly. The morning witnessed a thorough and organised set up. Although a calm tone filled the air, subtle vibes of apprehension was also felt. This was in part due to the floating thoughts of curiosity. How many people would turn up? Will this event really benefit the community?

Unsurprisingly, in an effortlessly clever Bhagavan way, groups of people came flocking in – even before the event had officially commenced. As these individuals walked around the various medical stalls, from the GP and Dentistry section to the Optometry room to the Healthy Diet and Eating area, the value of the clinic was becoming ever more apparent.

Dr Nanjoyt Ladher, an advising GP on the day said: “making an active effort to reach out to the most vulnerable sections of society has been really worthwhile. With many of these patients not registered with their local GPs or dentists, they have not been able to get medical advice – and therefore have been suffering silently. Today however, they were able to voice their concerns, with the help of the wonderful translators.”

This event was predominantly attended by the Nepalese community, with the average age of attendees reaching the 60 mark. The gratitude they felt was captured in their eyes whilst they waited patiently and eagerly to be seen by the medical professionals. Amongst other heart-warming comments, one attendee remarked that they wanted to attend another clinic in six months time. These patients had previously struggled to communicate their problems as most of them have very little fluency of the English language. Breaking the language barrier ensured that they were no longer deprived from the much needed medical support. The medical volunteers were able to write referrals and attentively listen to their problems. With the many services offered to them, there really was something for everyone. Services on offer included Blood Pressure checks, Blood Sugar checks, Eye Screening, Dental Screening, Oral Hygiene, BMI, Healthy Eating and Diet, GP Advice, Exercise and Smoking Cessation (PTC) stalls.

Another wonderful feature of the day was the inspirational talk delivered by Dr Sabby Kant; a beautifully simple, clear and informative talk. With the help of an animated translator all eyes were on the presentation as they carefully listened to the talk which focused on Heart Attacks. The event was truly successful, firstly demonstrated by the level of attendance (approximately 200) and in the quality of the service offered by the hardworking volunteers and medical professionals. At least 45 referrals were made - mainly in connection with high blood pressure.

Moreover, the persistence and loving attitude of the volunteers ensured that this event was successful operationally and in terms of supporting a worthwhile cause –a cause that will continue to inspire Region 6 to work on similar projects again.