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Region 3 - Central London Sai Centre: My Dear Lord

Swami frequently reminded us that what we see in the phenomenal world is not real. Unfortunately, man in his sensory pursuits gets entangled in worldly possessions which bind him to the material world. Believing that he is the body, he gets attached to the physical body. In many of His discourses Swami reminded us that we are being deluded into thinking that Swami is His physical body and warned us not to get attached to the 5 foot 3 inches body of His. In spite of that we found ourselves clinging to His physical presence and in the process suffered and continue to suffer pangs of separation when the Lord left His physical body.

Back in the times of Lord Buddha there was a similar situation when one of His foremost disciples, namely Ananda could not get Nirvana (realisation) due to his attachment to the Lord’s physical presence. It is only when Lord Buddha was approaching the last few hours of His life that Ananda, His elder brother realised that although he was very close to the Lord day and night, he was nowhere near attaining liberation. Lord Buddha reminded Ananda that his love for Him was conditional and that was an obstacle in his attainment of liberation and if he was serious about Nirvana, he should give up the body attachment and have pure, unconditional love for the Lord. Only then he could get Nirvana.

This is the plight of many Sai devotees who feel dejected and have lost their way in the absence of Swami in flesh and blood. This short drama was enacted to remind people that it is the attachment to the body that is the source of suffering. Swami in fact is very much with us, in front of us, behind us, beside us, below us, above us and in us. He has not left us. We should wake up from the delusion (maya) and realise that everything around us is permeated with His Divine presence. He is in the animate and the inanimate objects and from time to time He has manifested Himself to answer the prayers of fervent devotees. Thus, when Hiranyakashap challenged his son Prahalada and struck the pillar in his arrogance to show that there was no God, at that very moment He manifested Himself as the form of Narasimha, half man and half lion.

This play was a humble offering at the Lotus feet of our Lord to illustrate that Swami is very much with us and we should consider ourselves extremely fortunate that we live in an age when God walked on this earth, is among us, teaching us, guiding us, and helping in everything possible way to reform and transform us. The challenge is ours to take – to be transformed and be liberated or continue to be born and die in a cyclical manner.

Below are some photos depicting scenes in the drama. The play starts with the entry of fairies.

SSE children playing the role of fairies at the beginning of the drama.

Vivek, one of disciples who used to participate in annual seva in Puttaparthi, is very reluctant to go for seva again as he cannot bear the separation from his Lord. He is disillusioned and cannot understand what to do and breaks down. He is comforted by the seva group leader Prema.

Lord Buddha blessing His disciples before He takes mahasamadhi.

Ananda, Lord Buddha’s elder brother realises his mistake of getting attached to the Lord’s body. After deep meditation, he attains enlightenment.

Vivek now realises that Swami has not gone anywhere. He is all around him.

Members of the audience commented that they felt very much part of the whole drama and empathised with the characters.

“Everything changes, so don’t be attached, instead clear your mind in finding true happiness”- Buddha.

Aneet Govindarajan
Central London Sai Centre, Region 3