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Region 2 - SSE National Sewa Day "Be the Change"

On Sunday 25th Sept, ‘National Sewa Day’ thousands of good-hearted people across the world came together to perform service and experience the joy of giving in its truest sense. With this year’s Region 2 SSE’s participation in this collective endeavour, we hope that children, parents and teachers ‘seeds of service’ are watered so that acts of kindness and public service are performed more often by the ‘family of Sai’. We were blessed with glorious sunshine and over 82 SSE children, parents and teachers from neighbouring Sai Centres (Harrow West, Mill Hill, Pinner & Slough) took part from 9.45am to 1.15pm with only a short break.

SSE children, parents and teachers, all joined forces in various tasks from potato picking, weeding and preparing prashad in the kitchen which was later consumed by all volunteers.

‘Family of Sai – Love in Action’ by all of Swami’s children from the age of 2 years to adults.

Whatever the task, the devotees happily smiled and went off to their duty.

Teachers supported children from every class.

SSE nursery child and parent working in unison while gathering their‘aloo’s’.

Parents and children happily dug in wherever they saw a space. ‘Great Teamwork’.

The children and teachers are on top form and seem to love their seva job going by their ‘SMILES’ and all were ‘Happy, Happy, Happy.

Do they ever stop smiling? Isn’t it great? White shorts – maybe not so white in the end!

Do you like the red t-shirts? They are ‘NATIONAL SEWA DAY’ t-shirts. See how much our muscles will grow by the end of today.

Should Our Regional SSE Co-Ordinator change his day time job?

All who were present showed the 5 D’s (Duty, Discipline, Devotion, Discrimination and Determination). Just take a look at the smile and pride on this teachers face.

The children were so keen to carry on working, they literally only stopped for about 15 minutes and were back in the field collecting ‘aloo’ (potatoes).

‘Look what I picked up. Now I just need to find mummy to make some chips as this is my biggest pick of the day.

The potatoes were then sorted into small, medium and large sizes.

The devotees collected nearly two carts of potatoes. That was tonnes of potatoes.

Look what we picked up together with our big helpers.

It’s show time (that is, Potato Showtime). SSE show and tell time.

It was an impeccable and united front.

Almost all of the SSE children and teachers were treated with a ride on the bull and cart.

This wonderful seva experience ended with all of us thanking our Dearest Swami. We were treated to a special Hare Krishna prashad and some children even had the energy to feed the cows and hopefully in turn they will have the strength to keep ploughing the field.

Submitted by Bhupendra Solanki

R2 SSE Coordinator