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Region 2 - SSE Teacher Training "Lead by Example – Be. Do. Tell."

On Saturday 1st Oct, around 50 SSE teachers and trainers across three regions (R2, R3 & R6) gathered at the R2 Teacher Training Workshop.

All participants were greeted with a loving smile and a light breakfast to whet our appetite. Our appetite was further filled with heartfelt prayers and a Ganesh bhajan to kick off the workshop. Bhupendrabhai (R2 SSE Cordinator), welcomed everyone and informed us how the day will be interactive with an opportunity to ask questions and share best practices in delivering Swami’s 5 teaching techniques: Prayers, Meditation (Silent Sitting for younger class), Story Telling, Group Devotional Singing, and Group Activities to Develop and promote the 5 Human Values and their Sub-Values.

Sister Vidyu (National SSE Coordinator) reminded us of the history of ‘Bal Vikas’ now referred to as ‘Sai Spiritual Education’ (SSE) in UK. She offered some reference as to how the foundation of SSE programme had been planted by her grandmother and mother from an early age and how the fruits since have shaped her personal spiritual journey to the present day. Sister Vidyu reminded us that we should all be using the original syllabus and the revised syllabus for Group Y1, Y2, Y3 & G2 Y1) will be cascaded via the RSSEC in the coming weeks.

Dr Rakendu, Child Psychologist, highlighted the importances of influences of people around the social interactions e.g. home/parents, school/teachers, friends, extended family and others. Also highlighted was how the teachers should deliver lessons to the age and development of the child/class. Hence:

From birth to 2 yrs – Child has object awareness.

Nursery (2 to 6yrs) – classifies objects by speech development.

Group 1 (6 to 9 yrs) – able to learn concepts such as numbers, size, weight etc.

Group 2 (9 to 12 yrs) – thinking is logical – concrete.

Group 3 (12 yrs and above) – abstract thinking capable of analytical and critical thinking. Problem solving.

Further explanations were given around the Group 1, 2 and 3 understanding and reasoning behaviours, including the imbibing of moral and “children with special needs” was covered. The important aspect that came out of this talk was that teachers need to be very caring and sensitive when placed in a situation where a child has been identified as requiring more attention.

Uncle Chun, NSSE Trainer, covered the importance of silent sitting and storytelling and delivered it in a very entertaining way. Uncle Chun reminded us that children suffer from stress as much as adults do and we need to think what our children could be going through. Silent sitting as a technique, when taught to the children will be a tool that they can use forever to help with stress. There is a very positive side effect of silent sitting when it is taken seriously.