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Service Wing - Food Safety Training Level 2

Three types of purities are said to be necessary with regard to food. These are

1. Pathra Shuddhi (purity of vessels): The vessels for cooking must be clean and pure.

2. Paka Shuddhi (purity of the process of cooking): The process of cooking should not bring impurities. The person who prepares the food and serves must not only be clean in dress, but clean in habits, character, and conduct. He should not allow his mind to dwell on wicked or vicious ideas.

3. Pachaka Shuddhi (purity of food materials): The provisions used for cooking has to be pure and of good quality. They should have been procured by fair means (Baba).

Preparing and serving food to the public form a big part of our commitment in service activities and whether it is preparing food at home to deliver to our less privileged brothers and sisters in the community, helping in soup kitchens or cooking food for devotees at events, everyone involves in food handling has a special responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers and ensure that the food they serve is wholesome and perfectly safe to eat.

The UK and European Food Hygiene Regulations requires all food handlers to be trained and to exercise his or her duty of care to enable them to handle food safely.

On Saturday 29th October 2011, a second Food Safety Workshop was organised at Oxhey Wood Primary School in South Oxhey with twenty two participants mainly with devotees from region 2 as well as Priti Chouhan from Lidget Green centre in region 5 together with 11 Sisters from the Missionaries of Charity of Elephant & Castle and Southall.

The workshop was kindly offered by Mrs Shanthi Uthayakumar who is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and BRC Food Safety Auditor and who has been running her own Hygiene & Safety Management company for about 15 years.

The workshop is aimed at all food handlers and everyone who is involved with food safety issues. The course covered:


Food Safety hazards

Control and prevention of food poisoning, illnesses and diseases.

Application and Implementation of food safety controls (HACCP).

The assessment was done through a multiple choice examination from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health which is a professional, awarding body at the forefront of environmental and public health and safety. Once successful, the certificate is valid for 3 years and is recognised internationally.

More workshops will be held in 2012 one in March and one June/July. Watch out for further details! If you are interested in attending, please let your centre chair or regional service coordinator know.

Oh Lord Hari, You are the food, You are the enjoyer of the food, You are the giver of food. Therefore, I offer all that I consume at Thy Lotus Feet.

Gayatri Bikoo

National Service Coordinator