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Region 6 - Southampton and Portsmouth Group: 24hr Akhanda Bhajans

"Singing with intense yearning for God and enjoying the experience of adoring Him helps purify the atmosphere. Man is forced to breathe the air polluted by sounds that denote violence, hatred, cruelty and wickedness. Therefore, he is fast losing the high attainments that are in store for him. The vibrations of Namasankirtans can cleanse then atmosphere and render it pure, calm and ennobling. It is with this high purpose in view that this programme of global Sankirtan was designed."

~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba, SSS. Vol. X, p. 67

With much love and fervour, the lamps were lit in 5 River Walk at 12:30 on Saturday, coinciding with the time in Prasanthi Nilayam, marking the start of 24hr Akhanda Bhajans. 3 OMs, Ganapathi Prarthana, Rudram and other Vedic chants led us into a series of Bhajans singing the glory of our Beloved Lord. As the day progressed, the presence of Swami was strongly felt by all devotees. Baba’s presence was also visually brought to our attention with videos clips of His darshans, blessing each and everyone of us with every look of His, right from His childhood. A feeling of global unity was created with direct links with Prasanthi.

True love and devotion poured out of everyone as we undertook this spiritual exercise. Some of the Bhajans sung took the devotees back to the 70s reminding them of the moments they had with Swami. Our determination and intense love for Swami, along with His blessings, kept us going all night. Some Tamil Bhajans were also sung during this period leading us into Suprabhatham and Rudram, followed by bhajans. As the day was coming to an end, devotees were charged fervently with energy. The constant thought of God and chanting of His name unified us with our true selves.

The 24hr session concluded with chanting of Om Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babaya Namaha for 10 minutes followed by Araathi and SAMASTA LOKA SUKHINO BHAVANTU. Mahaprasad was then served. When this event was being planned the week before, many were sceptical about the ability of a small group to hold a 24 hour session. But the devoted and unified hearts of everyone made this possible. Devotees made their way home in a state of peaceful bliss after this unforgettable spiritual experience.

Jai Sai Ram