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Region 1 - Global Akhanda Bhajan

Like every year this year also we had our regional akhanda bhajan. Like other regional events, Akanda Bhajan, brought the region together, unified, singing HIS glory. Preparation for the Akhanda Bhajan started very early, with spiritual coordinators in the region meeting to devise a Bhajan rota. Each centre was allocated a one and half hour slot. SSE children and the Youth had separate slot.

The Bhajan started at 6 pm on November 12th and ended at 6 pm on November 13th. Sai Mandir was packed all through out. At the allocated time, in a very disciplined way each centre, with their accompanying singers and instrumentalist, came forward and lead the bajans. Swami has assured his devotees that wherever his glory is sung, He will manifest. Young and old, parents and children, all joined the congregation to sing the Lords name with full devotion. As the midnight passed youth took over the singing. Vibrations were felt very strongly. The bhajans ended at 6 pm with Mangala Arathi. After that prasadam were distributed. Several people felt Swami’s presence during the bhajans. Even after finishing akhanda bhajans, the singing was reverberating in the ears, even days after this was over.