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Region 6 - Farnborough Sai Centre & Basingstoke Centre Birthday Celebrations

Farnborough Sai Centre

Sai Baba's 86th Birthday was celebrated by Farnborough Sai Centre at Cody Sports School, Farnborough. More than 200 devotees from different places attended the celebration. The first phase of the programme started with 3 Aums and 3 Gayatri Mantras followed by devotional songs. Our guest speaker, a former SSE teacher, Mr. Nagachun, acted out a conversation between Bhagawan and a Bhakta which was full of messages and lessons for us to learn and accompanied this with a song. He also elaborated on Sai Baba’s love, service and dedication and it’s implication in our lives. He mentioned the holy four words “Help Ever Hurt Never” and expanded on it. He also mentioned the impact of Sai Spiritual Education on the children and youth and how it helps them to concentrate on good things and improve their life styles. He reminded us how blessed we were to be born at the time of the Avatar and in the Kaliyuga when the opportunity to realise our divinity is greater than in any other yuga. The divine can be realised through meditation, service, love and dedication. The video drama “Mother is Mine, Mother Divine”, which was presented in front of Swami by the Australian Youth Group on 25th February 2010, was then shown. A Happy Birthday Song was sung followed by a cake cutting ceremony by a group of small children. The programme was concluded with Aarati and Vibhuthi mantras.