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Region 4 - Babas Birthday Celebrations in Coventry

I arrived at Baba's birthday celebrations in Coventry on 23 November with no expectations, as I have only recently become involved in the Sai Organisation and all it has to teach humanity about good conduct and values.

The venue was decorated and buzzing in readiness for Baba's devotees to arrive. The SSE children were excited about their forthcoming performance and doing last minute rehearsals.

The stage was set for a great night, and I was not disappointed. Baba's Chalisa was sung beautifully, and was totally uplifting. The SSE play went off without a hitch, and I felt blessed to place a flower and candle before Baba with the children on such an auspicious day. We all enjoyed participating in the bhajans and music, as they were sung wonderfully and methodically without unnecessary gaps to break your concentration or spiritual energy. My physical body left the venue to enjoy Baba's birthday cake, but my soul was flying high in the sky wanting to merge with the Almighty and did not wish to return to the monotonous obligations of daily life!

May the New Year bring lots of peace, happiness and joy into all our lives. May Baba continue to light our path and keep us strong to face life's challenges.

Written by: Neelam Sharma, SSE Parent, Coventry