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Love and Light

Region 3 - SSE School

Brother Ishver Patel visited the school on 5th November 2011 and met the teachers and the children. He spoke on the theme of our role in Swami’s mission, touching on points such as what the difference is between ethical and moral living – ethical living being “having the knowledge about what is right and wrong ” but moral living being “living our day to day lives by those values”. He also reminded us that “we are not humans living a spiritual life, but we are spiritual beings living a human experience”.

Teaching the values through the various techniques prescribed in Sai Spiritual Education ie, telling stories from the epics and about good and noble people, group activities such as role plays, devotional singing, prayers and silent sitting was not enough – Ishver emphasised that LOVE is the underlying value of all these techniques and that without this important component, it would be very difficult to inspire the children in divinity. One of the biggest challenges for SSE teachers is to inspire the children in selfless love, this task can be made easier if the children and parents are encouraged to attend their Sai Centres where they can get involved in service activities and experience and release the divine love within them.