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Region 3 - Ladies Day: Saturday 19th November

With November being such a busy time of year the world over for Sai devotees everywhere, it was a particular challenge to organise something special and heartfelt for Ladies Day in Region 3. Indeed, Swami had Himself given Ladies Day to women everywhere but how did HE want it celebrated this year? A dream in late October indicated that the focus should be on a seva project which the ladies could get actively involved in whilst keeping up with their daily duties. The answer came in the form of a workshop, SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL FOR GOD - the charity which gets children's clothes hand- made by women within their own time and then organises collection and despatch to under-privileged countries where the garments are distributed to the poor. Needless to say, the workshop was a huge success with women attending from all over the Region, eager to learn new dress-making skills and put them to good use. The atmosphere was lively and filled with enthusiasm, sustained by the workshop co-ordinator, Brother Kumar Kathiramalai who was especially pleased that dates for monthly workshops were quickly arranged and organised from January 2012 onwards to continue the good work.

After a delicious lunch, the afternoon programme of cultural offerings began. Firstly, a beautifully humorous and engaging talk by Sister Gayathri Nadella, former Sai Student and R5 SSE co-ordinator. Sister Gayathri took time reminisce over old student memories and lessons that had been lovingly taught by Swami. The vivid descriptions and transported everyone back to those magical times. The talk was followed by two dramas beautifully enacted by the ladies of Walthamstow and Thurrock Sai centres, both carrying messages of His teachings and His love. In particular, the trouble taken in costumery, scenes and special effects - was quite remarkable and a testimony to the dedication and devotion behind these offerings. The afternoon ended with a vibrant selection of group devotional songs by the ladies of Edmonton which brought smiles to everyone's faces as we all watch our Beloved Swami on a huge screen in front of us. A round of heartfelt bhajans and aarti to Swami was the perfect and fitting end to a wonderful day, Everyone agreed that Swami's presence and blessings were clearly felt by all who attended.

Sutopa Sen Region 3 Ladies Co-ordinator