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Region 3 - Regional Birthday Celebrations: Sunday 27th November

This year's R3 birthday celebrations at Nagrecha Hall did not disappoint the hundreds of devotees who attended. The programme started with SSE children from the Sai School performing exquisitely as part of a choir and orchestra. This was quickly followed by a meaningful play by the Mill Hill Lotus Youth, "Nachiketa" which illustrated the secret of life and death. Then, the first guest speaker, Brother Krishna Subramaniam, former Sai student and spiritual co-ordinator for Mill Hill Sai Centre delivered a very comprehensive talk around the 4 definitions of death and immortality - which was much appreciated by the listening audience.

After a short break with some light refreshments distributed, the next guest speaker was Brother B. S Vijayasai, former sai student and faculty member of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning - visiting from Bangalore in India. Brother Vijayasai shared delightful stories with everyone for highlighting Swami's intense and unending love for His students. He emphasised Swami's role as the Eternal Witness - loving yet still bound by universal laws. The talk was both moving and humorous and ended with everyone feeling closer to Swami within their hearts. The session ended with a full hour of enthralling bhajans which once again, topped off the evening as Swami's darshan video played on a huge screen - for the benefit of all present. It really was like old times as the DVD gradually began to synchronise with the live programme as the video showed Swami leaving the Sai Kulwant Hall "on cue" as Aarti concluded. The looks on devoteesí faces as they left the hall said it all. And the very best part was the wonderful feeling of joint working and co-operation between all the R3 centres involved, as everyone went home with meal boxes of prasadam which had been lovingly prepared for them.

It was a perfect end to a lovely weekend.

Sutopa Sen