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Region 3 - Ilford Sai Centre Birthday Celebrations: Saturday 26th November

Ilford Sai Centre celebrated Baba’s Birthday on the 26th November at St Peters and Paul’s church. Over 150 devotees attended the function. The evening started as usual with Gayathry mantras, multifaith prayers, vedas chanting and devotional songs. This was followed by a power point presentation and video of Swami’s life and his message of selfless service by the youth convenor of Ilford Sai centre and team. Emphasis was placed on ‘Peace’ and ‘Love’ which should be established in the hearts of each and every person God created. It is possible to have peace and joy in all the beings that Swami has created.

Devotees were inspired by the children variety programme called ‘ A Garland of Love’ which consisted of dramas, uplifting bhajans, bharatanatyam dance and showers of powerful quotes from Baba read by each and every child. The children were showered with blessings from one of our respected elders of Ilford Sai centre. They were also presented with a gift after their blessing from Swami.

The evening continued with vibrant music and songs by the Ilford Sai Centre musicians and choir group. Devotional singing and a medley followed which proved to be the food of love for all the devotees. The evening was energised by prayers and Aarathi.

Vibhuti and prasadam were distributed to all devotees who also enjoyed the most delicious Baba’s Birthday cake. All participants were uplifted by the programme and took away the message of Love and Faith. Faith in Divinity is the key to develop Love and Love can transform man and hence the world.