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Region 4 - An Evening with Vijaysai

On October 27, devotees from region 4, Leicester Sai Centre had the privilege of welcoming brother Vijaysai, an alumnus and former lecturer at Bhagawan’s institutions. The hour and a half session was met with enthusiasm by the congregation of adults, youth and the S.S.E. as brother Vijay recalled a few of his very personal experiences. Having spent the years from 1987-1997 with Bhagawan, brother Vijay had many heartwarming moments showing how the Lord Himself prepared him to fulfill his many dharmic roles. He demonstrated how unique Bhagawan’s Relationship is with every individual and narrated experiences of a very loving, teaching and patient Lord. Overall, the theme to emerge from each experience was the importance of role-play in life.

An interactive forum followed, where brother Vijaysai responded to questions on a wide range of topics including youth involvement in organizational activities, individual responsibility in ushering in the Golden Age and the nature of the divine. He encouraged all to take the initiative to be leaders in all aspects of life, serving our Lord by imparting joy to others as Bhagawan did for us.

He reminded us that Bhagawan’s Life was an example of how to achieve excellence in the multiple roles we play in life. Brother Vijaysai reaffirmed our commitment, emphasizing that every one of us has a divine role to play and when we do so with confidence and commitment we begin to embody Bhagawan’s Beautiful Words, “Your Life is My Message.”

The afternoon was concluded with a joyful rendition of “When Dark Clouds Fill Your Skies” in which everyone joined in.