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Region 4 - Exhibition & Singing at the Multi Faith Annual Event in Coventry

It was a lovely and mild November afternoon, when temperatures were in their double figures, almost mistaking it to be early September! As per each year, the Coventry Multi Faith Forum organised their annual event for launching Interfaith Week in Coventry by putting together an evening of exhibition & entertainment for building relations with people from different cultures and backgrounds and of course people-networking.

This year, the venue was the new site for Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple and it was beautifully set up with scrumptious food at the back of the hall, which was so lovingly made and served by the devotees of the temple. I felt at home and really excited for the children taking part as we caught glimpse of some of the other items following ours. There was an Irish folk dance group, a Sikh kirten group and right at the end of the evening, was the highlight - something the Hare Krishna temple had put together - a drama based on the story of the ‘learned Pundit and the boatman’ – a very familiar story to the SSE children!

Coventry centre put up their exhibition pieces along with other faith groups, each with their own space allocation. Such interesting information on Swami and His beautiful Organisation. Many people came over to read some of the quotes and asked a question or two.

This year, some key dignitaries were invited, namely the Coventry Lord Mayor, the Chairman of Interfaith group, the Chairman of Multi Faith Forum in Coventry, along with members of the Multi Faith Forum and Interfaith group.

After everyone had had a bite to eat and had the chance to network, the evening began with Coventry SSE children opening the programme. This year, I felt the need to make it an interactive item rather than a performance, thereby involving everyone in the hall. After a few glitches with the PA system, it all flowed very nicely and as always, Swami made sure that everything went the way it was meant to. The words for all the songs were ready to be projected onto the screen to make it easy for everyone to follow, but the multi media projector decided it wasn’t going to work. The SSE boys that took part, adjusted and adapted to the flow. How beautifully Swami looks after everything. All lights on us, it was time…

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ‘universal’ singing and found the words ‘beautiful’ as commented by the chair of the Hare Krishna temple Sri Haridasji. The songs brought in the different values, names of different faiths and all felt part of the singing. With the lively music, everyone joined in with clapping and singing and we truly felt that we had begun the evening with Swami’s blessings! He showered His love on all as the atmosphere was charged with vibrant energy!

My heartfelt thanks to my beloved Guru – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving us this opportunity to share His love through music and singing.

Vina Mistry - Coventry