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Region 2 - Global Akhanda Bhajans: November 2011

Global Akhanda Bhajan, the timeless intonation promoting Universal Peace and Harmony is one of the most significant and far-reaching annual spiritual exercises initiated by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba way back in the mid forties. Swami has said that "When thousands of people join in singing bhajans, they should be fully absorbed in the devotion and the ecstasy of that experience".

Region 2 Akhanda Bhajan commenced on Sunday 13th November, morning at 5.45 am. The programme began with Ganapathy Prathana and Gayatri Mantra followed by the invocatory Ganesh bhajan which purified and sanctified the atmosphere for the whole of the twelve hours. It was spiritually uplifting to see all the region 2 Sai family together and celebrating the Global Akhanada Bhajans with devotion and dedication. Many members from centres beyond Region 2 also joined to make this a very special spiritual day.

From the early hours of Sunday morning the bhajan hall started to fill up with loving vibrations and this was further charged by the chanting of the vedams and the singing of devotional songs by all participating Sai centres in Region 2.

The main Altar was exquisitely decorated with Swami’s very radiant and Majestic life –like photo. A beautiful chair for Swami was also placed upon the stage for the Gracious Lord to take His seat and preside over the event.

This truly magical event was possible because of the loving seva, devotion, dedication of the entire twelve Sai Centres and Group Chairs, Office Bearers and Devotees within our Region that took part.

It was truly ‘Love in Action’ and Swami’s presence was felt throughout the day as devotees from all the Centres flocked in to sing in their allotted 45 minute slots, the Glory of God.

The SSE sections of the akhanda bhajans sent emotions of all those present into another plane, some members were moved to tears of joy. It was a sight to behold and a musical treat to hear the children sing in unison with such confidence and devotion. Their hard work and dedication in practicing months before the event really showed, as the congregation were lifted to new spiritual heights.

The program concluded with vibrant and uplifting bhajans to follow that of the SSE children. Devotees from centres across Region 2 came forward and were selected to sing these final 45 minutes of bhajans, up until 6:00pm, which truly made it a united offering.

Finally Swami’s Aarti was offered to our Beloved Lord reminding all to share his Divine Light and Warmth of his pure Unconditional Love and hence bringing alive the mantra ‘Samastha Lokha , Sukhino Bhavantu’.

Article submitted by T.Sivalingam (Siva) - Region 2 Service Wing Co-ordinator on behalf of the R2 Team