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Region 8 - Baba's Birthday Celebrations

With the blessings of our beloved Lord, Swami’s birthday was celebrated by region 8 at Perth Station Hotel. The programme commenced with Vedam Chanting(Ganapathi Atharva Sirsham, Narayana Upanishad). All centres participated in the chanting.

This was followed by welcome speech by Dr. Ram, region 8 co-ordinator who spoke on the progress made by the region over the last year, addressed importance of self reflection on personal Sadhana and highlighted that when we install Swami permanently in our hearts that day is our Swami’s real birthday. He urged all to achieve this through practice, perseverance, purity and ultimately aim to see divinity in all and at all times.

The next programme was hosted by Aberdeen centre. The message of the Lord (RADIOSAI) episodes 1-8 were presented as a powerpoint presentation. . The key messages were to have FAITH THAT THERE IS GOD, HE IS WITHIN US, HE CAN BE CONTACTED 24/7, THE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS OM, THE IMPORTANCE OF CONTROL OF THE MIND, FOLLOWING THE INTELECT AND ACHIEVING CIA (constant integrated awareness)

Next Brother Vinesh from Dundee presented the message of the Lord episodes 9-16. He stressed THE IMPORTANCE OF GRAMA SEVA, COMMUNITY SEVA and shared experiences of devotees /doctors who had built Swami’s Hospital.

Next presentation was from EDINBURGH. Bal vikas /SSE children put in a very beautiful play entitled ‘CHOPPINATTU CHESTHARA’ a very touching play and conveyed the message very aptly and succinctly.

The Last presentation was from Glasgow ending with meditation and a beautiful song

The programme concluded with Aarathi and prasadham.

Sai Ram