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Region 5 - Greater Manchester Sai Centre Birthday Celebrations

Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Approximately 80 people gathered at the Jain Community Hall in Manchester to celebrate Swami's birthday. Rather than have a 2 hour bhajan program, it was decided to have a satsang-style event. The evening started with 1 hour of bhajans, followed by a satsang based on friendship with Swami, and also on 'being God'. The satsang started with a slide show of quotes and images to the song 'anytime you need a friend' by Mariah Carey and then a video from Hari Subramanium's workshop on the 9 forms of devotion. We watched the chapter on friendship - beautiful examples, experiences, and bhajans to delve into what kind of friend Swami is to us, and whether we really can say we are his friend... sometimes we very casually say 'oh Swami is my friend!'

We then watched extracts from an interview with Dr Srikanth Sola talking about 'being God' and 'living in God consciousness' and how that has transformed his life. Very inspiring with tips on how to be God.

We programme ended with aarti, followed by cutting a birthday cake. It was a very moving event that touched hearts and souls of everyone present. It was also a 'warm up' for our regional program which was on the theme 'I am with you always' (see separate article).

Sanjay Vaja
Regional Spiritual Coordinator