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Region 6

Regional Family Values DaySaturday 8th July 201710.30am to 3pmSandhurst Community Hall, Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, GU47 9BJThe day will include providing items to the Homeless Service Project that is run at the Quaker Centre in Rochester, the same venue where Rochester Sai Centre hold their meetings. A good project that is run weekly where the homeless can use the shower facilities and get food and other items. This year as part of the run up to Easwaramma Day -the children had to do the 40 Acts of Loving and Giving-one of the acts was the Ceiling on Desires. This was where the children would have saved some money to be used for the benefit of mankind. Family Values Day is also occurring on Global Service Day and what better way to Serve than being able to partake in this. There is a list of items that have been identified that can be bought and brought on the day: -Tinned food items that has self-openers -toiletries like deodorants, lotion -flannel cloths -toothpaste -toothbrush -soap -combs -female sanitary wear. The children (and parents as well, if they want) through Ceiling on Desires can support this project.