Pet Refuge – items for shelters and families that foster pets
To be brought to Gratitude Day 22nd October

1. Pet toys
2. Blankets

To be offered directly to your respective RSPCA locations

Please note that not all items on the list need to be offered. The items are loving suggestions of what is required. Please ensure high quality products are offered to our animals in need.

Region 1
Location: Millbrook Animal Centre, Chobham, Surrey

1. Felix As Good As It Looks Wet Cat Food Adult Pouch
2. Whiskas Kitten Food 2-12 month
3. HiLife Tempt Me! Kitten Food
4. Salt licks for rabbits and guinea pigs
5. Cat scratching posts
6. Cat/Kitten toys
7. Rabbit toys (e.g. activity balls)
8. Black builders buckets – 3 gallon liquid capacity – general purpose for all animals
9. Rabbit water feeding bottles (600mL)
10. Plastic housing for hamster/guinea pig

Region 2
Location: Southall Cattery, Norwood Road, London

1. Felix Kitten Food Pouch Jelly Selection
2. Cat scratching posts
3. Catnip balls
4. Reflective cat collar
5. Stimulating cat toys

Region 3
Location: Southridge, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

1. Biodegradable dog poop bags
2. Cat scratch posts
3. Rabbit toys
4. Cat/Dog bed
5. Dog chews
6. Whiskas kitten meat selection in Gravy
7. Plastic measuring jugs

Region 4
Location: Birmingham Animal Centre and Hospital, Frankley

1. Rabbit snacks
2. Stimulating toys for rabbits and guinea pigs e.g. games, fun tunnels
3. Metal fruit and vegetable spear holder (e.g.

Region 5 and 8
Location: Greater Manchester Animal Hospital (Manchester)

1. Dog toys 2. Cat scratching boards 3. Waterproof plastic dog beds/baskets

Location: Felledge AC, Chester Le Street (Durham)

1. Whiskas Kitten food 2-12 months
2. Dog chews (natural)
3. Crunchy peanut butter
4. Dog toys e.g. balls and tugs

Region 6
Location: Mallydams, Fairlight, Sussex

1. Goldfish flake fish food
2. Pedigree Dog Food Can Jelly Selection
3. Indoor clothes drier
4. Hardwood cleaning squeegee with strong handle for tiles, concrete, wood and marble
5. Welders gloves
6. Aquarium test strip
7. Aquarium water conditioner

Region 7
Location: Newport, Gwent, Wales

1. Dog treats
2. Kitekat Cat Food Cans Giant Mix in Jelly
3. Purina Felix Mixed Selection Chunks in Jelly Adult Wet Cat Food
4. Wind chimes for outdoor use (soothes distressed animals)
5. Dog toys e.g. balls, chews