National Envirocare Project for Serve the Planet

Trees for Cities is a charity that is dedicated to bringing communities together to create greener cities, by planting trees in parks, streets, schools and housing estates across the major cities in the UK and on an international scale.

Tree planting starts in October through to March. There will be opportunties for us to plant trees in many of our regions during this time.

Check here for more information on Trees for Cities:

Information on tree planting opportunities in our local cities will be shared as the events are organised over the coming months.

Region 1

Ongoing park and river cleans have taken place to improve areas the community and wildlife. For Global Service Day, devotees worked with the Wandle Trust Cleanup to clean rivers and litter pick in the surrounding area.

Region 2

Park clean activities were organised as part of Global Service Day in Watford.

Region 3

In addition to park cleaning already taking place in Ilford and Central London, more locations in the region are looking into establishing regular park cleaning initiatives.

Region 4

As part of the ongoing relationship with the RSPCA during Serve the Planet 2016, an envirocare project has been initiated involving ground maintenance at the local RSPCA centre.
Annual tree planting initiative will be continuing at Pendeford Mill Nature Reserve. Date to be confirmed.
Ongoing river and park cleaning.

Region 5

In addition to existing river cleaning, park cleaning and tree planting activities taking place at centre level, a new Regional beach cleaning initiative is in process of being established.

Region 6 - to be confirmed

Region 7 – to be confirmed

Region 8 –to be confirmed