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Region 1 - Easter Youth Service Activity

For the last few years, Region 1 has been collecting Easter Eggs to be donated to local hospitals. We have always wanted to make Easter enjoyable for the patients at these hospitals during the Easter break. Last year we had collected 850 eggs which inspired the Sikh Youth from Croydon who also participated and donated 500 eggs.

Collection of Easter Eggs

Every year seems to have a special story and this year was no different. As has been the practice, the SSE children of region 1 led this fun filled activity with the support from the youth at centers.

For quite some time, we had looked at the potential of breaking the thousand egg mark but we have always fallen short by a few after the count. Swami never fails to amaze us, and this year was no different!

Easter Egg Donation at Royal Marsden Hospital

The youth had not counted the eggs collected up to the final day planned for drop off. To our amazement, we had hit the 1000 egg mark! In fact, we ended delivering 1008 eggs to 5 different hospitals in the area – Royal Marsden Hospital, The Children’s Trust, Mayday Hospital, St Georges hospital and St Helier Hospital. All five hospitals were overwhelmed and they responded very positively saying that this would bring a smile to the patient’s faces. Swami teaches us to ‘practice ceiling on desires’ and I feel our SSE children have worked wonderfully at this!

With Swami’s Divine Grace, we hope that we can continue this drive and collect even more eggs next year which will bring happiness to a lot more children.

Saish Balakrishnan
Regional Youth Coordinator
Region 1, SSIO UK