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Region 2 - Clean for the Queen

A narrative from two SSE teens

I volunteered to participate in a service project to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. This project ‘Clean for the Queen’ involved clearing litter from a local park. I was shocked at the immense amount of rubbish there was and the type of rubbish people left behind.

All of this rubbish was extremely harmful to the environment in that area. There were hundreds of cans and glass bottles in bushes and other rubbish such as soiled nappies, crisp packets, carrier bags and surprisingly a pair of trainers!

This made me realise the dangers of leaving behind such litter lying around. It would have been extremely dangerous if a child had picked up one of the broken glass bottles and cut themselves. Not only is it very dangerous but it is also very unpleasant to look at.

This made me aware of the benefits of recycling and how important it is to protect our environment. If a small park was filled with so much rubbish, it would be shocking to see how much rubbish there was lying around in the whole country, and then on a much larger scale, the world.

Shriya Thakkar

I also went to do some litter picking in Watford as part of the ‘Clean for the Queen’ project this year. We were working under a bridge, and even in that small area, we managed to collect a huge amount of rubbish. Nature provides us with so many things, yet we do not appreciate it enough.

We found shoes, handbags, fully loaded nappies, broken glass, TV stands, to name a few. Rishi and I collected around 200 empty cans and bottles that were thrown into the bushes. That made up 4 of the 20 bags of rubbish we collected all together.

Many people are no longer interested in serving selflessly for humanity and the environment; such examples were shown by Swami, Mahatma Gandhi etc.

It takes a selfless heart to make a great person. This is why Swami stresses the importance of selfless service to help save and protect the environment. I have realised this after doing the litter picking project.

Shana Jeyaseelan