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Region 3 - River Clean Up, Bedford Embankment River Ouse

Jai Sai Ram

On Saturday the 5th March 2016 adults and children from Foster Hill Sai Centre in Bedford - Region 3, met at the local Borough Council. We joined the local community to participate in an environmental project led by Bedford Borough Council as part of the Clean for the Queen programme.

In total 50-60 volunteers gathered along the Great River Ouse to clean and pick litter across the Bedford Embankment and nearby area. The area alongside the embankment is a beautiful stretch of riverside with scenic views and is a place for all to visit and enjoy. We would very much like to keep it this way for everyone to enjoy and be proud of. Please see pictures below.

The morning was very successful and the opportunity to serve at this event was most certainly worthwhile and fulfilling. This activity enhanced community spirit, and all who engaged did so with a strong sense of duty to keep our surroundings safe and clean, for all to appreciate.

At the end of the day, it was wonderful to see that our riverside, had been restored to a site of beauty. We are grateful to Bhagawan for affording this opportunity to the devotees, youth and children of our Sai centre to play a part in this project.

Jai Sai Ram
Sonia Sandhu
Service Co-Ordinator, Foster Hill Sai Centre, Bedford Region 3 SSIO UK