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Region 7 - Shivarathri Celebrations in Bath

I attended the Shivarathri bhajans with my mum, dad and sister on 7th March in Bath. We were fortunate enough to have our Organisation President, Uncle Veeru perform the Lingam Pooja with us that day.

I have never seen anything like it before. He was pouring water and milk on the lingam and chanting. It was very nice to watch especially when Uncle Veeru decorated the lingam with flowers at the end.

Dr Veeru performing worship of the lingam

Mummy said it was very peaceful and powerful and the vibrations were very strong, she could feel them the whole night.

After the Pooja (worship), the SSE children sang bhajans, the adults then carried on. We finished just after midnight. Luckily I was allowed to stay up late.

I struggled to get up for school the next day but I enjoyed it so much I will do it again next year.

Sai Ram

Divya Patel
Age 7
Region 7