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Sai Spiritual Education Training Day

“The teacher is like a water storage tank. If there is clean and good water in the tank, you will get good water in the taps. Students are like the taps and will prove to be good only when the teachers are good. Teachers should have lofty ideals so that these can be reflected in their students, who are the future citizens and leaders”
Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s address to the Bal Vikas teachers at Abbotsbury, Madras, on 20-1-1985

On Saturday 19th March 2016, Region 3 hosted a National SSE (Sai Spiritual Education) Training day in Greenfields School, Hatfield. The day was well attended by 74 SSE teachers, Youth and Parents across the country who wholeheartedly participated in the training sessions.

The National SSE Training Team with much enthusiasm and zeal conducted 3 separate training sessions which ran simultaneously, the sessions were:

  1. Basic Training – which introduced the key concepts of SSE classes and explored in detail the five teaching techniques: Devotional Singing, Prayers, Silent Sitting and Meditation, Storytelling and Group Activities
  2. Intermediate Training – the first half of the intermediate session concentrated on teaching of Multi faith prayers which is a key feature in our SSE Syllabus. The second half of the session was used to discuss Group 3 Projects which SSE children often undertake during the latter years of their SSE.
  3. Advanced Training – The session explored the teachings of the Bhaja Govindam and Bhagavad Gita which feature predominantly in Group 2 and 3 classes.

Delegates were free to choose which session they felt they could benefit from the most. Many of those who attended have shared their feedback and experiences from the day, a few of their comments are quoted below:

Shubhaa Srinivasan, Region 3:

“The SSE training was helpful for me as this was the first training of this nature which I attended. It was interactive. Experienced teachers shared general and more specific teaching techniques they use and found to be effective. This was most useful for me as I learnt ways in which I could handle issues specific to the Centre where I am an SSE teacher to enhance the learning experience of students. The training was fully geared towards how to make the Bal Vikas class an enriching experience for children and teachers”

Bandana Gurung, Region 6:

“How lucky we were, I felt like a SSE child myself at the training eagerly waiting to hear more stories. The whole context of the of the Mahabharata and Bhagawat Gita is such a huge topic and with profound meaning, Brother Mahesh explained it so well”

Yashoda G. Ifversen, Region 7:

“My husband and I together with other devotees from Bristol attended the basic teacher training for SSE teachers and parents.

The organizers, presenters and teachers emulated the teachings of Swami by being examples of His values, Sathya, Shanti, Prema, Dharma and Ahimsa, which was very nice to see and experience.

Numerous were the examples of how to teach these values to children, in fact very impressive; a lot to live up to! The teachers presented in a lively, competent and sweet manner, which was beautiful and inspiring. The fishing game using magnets and based on pairing up characters from the Ramayana at the end of the day was good fun and can readily be implemented into class.

I think I can speak for us all in saying we are very much looking forward to the next teacher training event”

We thank Swami for making the day so joyful and uplifting for all those who attended and benefited. We look forward to welcoming many more teachers, office bearers, parents and youth to future SSE training events.

Mali Almeida
Regional SSE Co-ordinator,
Region 3 SSIO UK