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Region 5 - SSE Fun Day

On Sunday 14th September 2014, Region 5 held their inaugural SSE fun day. Our SSE teachers and youth wing worked to produce a day that was filled with spiritual activity for the children to engage with and learn from.

The day commenced with heartfelt SSE prayers and a question and answer session with SSE alumni. The children enjoyed listening to the experiences of the alumni during their time as SSE students and how the teachings of Swami and the skills they developed from participating in SSE have positively impacted upon their family and work life. The alumni highlighted the importance of keeping the teachings of Our Lord at the forefront of all that we do. This was a message that was echoed throughout the day, to help our SSE children reflect on the many challenges they may face at school today, and to subsequently think about possible solutions to these challenges.

Children (and parents!) participated in yoga and pranayama activities specifically designed for children and had great fun as posing as lions! Younger children decorated candles and have taken them home to light on the auspicious day of Diwali. They also participated in a children’s classical dance workshop, and were able to demonstrate the significance of the Guru stotram. Our older SSE enjoyed playing ‘Who wants to be a spiritual millionaire’ and put their teamwork skills to the test with a game of rounders. Their young minds were stretched in a workshop on the theme of ‘speak softly and lovingly’.

The day was enjoyed by all and many lessons have been taken home for our children to utilise in their daily lives. The strongest message that our children have taken from this day is to walk side-by-side with Our Lord in all that we do.

Sai Ram.
Harsha Parmar, Region 5 SSE co-ordinator