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Sai Smaran Bhajans

Swami has often reminded us that the path to liberation in the Krita Yuga was meditation (Dhyanam), in the Tretha Yuga was performing rituals (Yagna), in the Dwarpara Yuga was worship (Archana) but now in the Kali Yuga is chanting the name of the Lord (Namasmarana). Of course, what better way to accomplish this than to sing the glory of the Lord through group devotional singing, where the love of the devotees pours out in the form of divine singing. With this in mind, the eighth Sai Smaran bhajans were conducted on 4th October 2014, the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami, in Leicester.

Devotees, including tender infants and the respected elderly, from all over the UK trekked to Leicester with the purpose of singing Bhagawan’s name in unison. Walking into the hall and seeing the altar with its delicate intricacies and the divine photo of Swami, one could immediately absorb the divine vibrations. No doubt great efforts and dedication were required to achieve such a result.

The session commenced with Rudram that was very much reminiscent of Prashanti Nilayam where we would be sat in Sai Kulwant Hall, anticipating Swami’s Darshan in his radiant orange robe. Included in the programme was a beautiful and electrifying musical offering by youth on violin, sitar and tabla. Following this, Bhajans commenced and carried through with spectacular energies. Just sitting there in the hall, one could imbibe the powerful atmosphere generated by the congregation. The standards of bhajan singing was incredible, indicating the practice and the talents of the singers and the musicians. Swami must have been present – He had to be!

With the love and kindness of volunteers, we were all treated to a sumptuous lunch giving us the boost to intensify the energies and carry on singing until the end. But of course, all sessions must come to a close. At this Sai Smaran though, the ending was something to remember. As soon as the Mangala Aarti began, we re-lived the experience of being in Prashanti and listening to Swami’s students singing. Devotees left quietly following the sensational experience, taking away with them the gift of divine vibrations that the Lord had generated through us. The abode of eternal peace, Prashanti Nilayam, had made its way to Leicester and it was this peace that devotees were able to carry home.

What is so special about group devotional singing, you may ask? To put simply, it is a humbling opportunity for our devotion towards the Lord, irrespective of background, age and status, to come together and unite to produce that one sound of pure, earnest love. “Sai Smaran” itself means “thinking” or “remembering” Sai. More than just chanting and remembering the name for ourselves though, we hope Sai Smaran has generated vibrations that will resonate across the world for the good of God’s creation.

We thank Swami for making this occasion possible. It is unequivocal that for many of us living in the hustle and bustle of the world today, such events are required to remind us of the power generated through the sound of the Lord’s name in song.

Dixa Thakrar
Youth Wing, Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Leicester
Region 4, SSSSO UK