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Love and Light

Sai Smaran Bhajans

A Petal of Yearning

Just as a Lotus flower is soft, sublime, sacred and sweet, so are the feet of our Divine Master. Surrender, devotion, deference, contemplation to name a few, were the petals offered at the Lotus feet of our Beloved Baba on our 8th session of Sai Smaran bhajans.

Rajadhi Rajaya Prasahya Sahine
The Lord of all Lords, one who is above endurers,
The Supreme of the kings. One who possesses the chariot

Overlooking Her very own, the mother looked on as Her children poured forth their love through melodious bhajans and crafted musical notes on their instruments. Each clap encapsulated the sacred Prema Bandhan (Love bond) between Master and disciple.

A hall gleaming with faces of young and old, brown and white, yet there was only one focus. The one which brought them together and in unison they sung His Glory as His glowing form was being visualised on the projection.

He gave, gave and gave every day, every minute and every second, nothing has changed! He keeps on giving, giving and forgiving! What we give, however small or insignificant to our eyes, He lovingly accepts. Heads swayed in awe of His magnificence that was pitched by devotees yearning for His glance, seeking refuge in Him.

I am sure that everyone present would agree when I say that I certainly did not want the bhajans to end! As one of the brother’s said, “If you sing bhajans with full love, devotion, humility and discipline, we can create this blissful state and high energy atmosphere”. Sai bhajans are now sung in every corner of this world which just shows how powerful chanting the name of the Lord is. Personally having been to previous Sai Smaran bhajans in various regions in the UK, this one was extra special- all the youth in the spiritual wing have put in endless amount of effort to make this day extraordinary. But let us not forget that nothing is possible without the Divine Grace of our Dear Swami.

Like sails that guide the ship to its destination, it felt very much like He was guiding us back to His abode.

Jai Sai Ram
Asha Chauhan
Spiritual Wing (Bhajans Coordinator)
Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Leicester, Region 4, SSSSO UK