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Region 2 - SSE Akhanda Bhajans: SSE Blossoming of Human Excellence

With the Divine Grace and Blessings of Swami, Region 2 Akhanda Bhajans commenced on Saturday 8th November at 6PM. The programme began with a Procession, a Conch was blown to mark the beginning of the programme, the Poorna Kumbam was carried by a Sai Devotee; followed by the SSE children carrying Ganesh Moorthy and Swami's paduka, All the devotees followed SSE children into the main hall. Poorna kumbam, moorthy & padukas were placed at the altar. SSE children then joined the youth to conclude the rest of the prayers.

Around 60 SSE Children and 30 Teachers & Parents Helpers presented their loving thoughts and feelings on what Swami meant to them by offering their service through devotional singing, playing their instruments and chanting the prayers.

The children filled the hall with vibration of 'Pure Love' when they sang their hearts out. Prior to the event, SSE children, parents, teachers and centre members conducted practice sessions locally and came together as 'One Family of Sai' at the regional practice where they were given an opportunity to participate in group devotional singing, practice their musical instruments and also to enhance their skills on chanting the prayers.

As always, we are only his instruments and the final outcome is as per his will. We felt Swami's presence right throughout the SSE session and know that he was very pleased with the beautiful demonstration of SSE's hard work and talent in Region Two.

The session was very well coordinated with the effort of Gurus, youth and the parents! Of course, without Swami managing the process it would not be possible to achieve the high standard that was very evident during the Akhand bhajan weekend. The event was a wonderful opportunity for all of us.

Children of all age to come together to pray and share the blessing of being in the light of Swami. This truly was a beautiful and blissful weekend! Thank you Swami!. More of the same next year please.

Written by Sairatha Nimalathevan (Parent)