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Region 2 - SSE The Great Diwali Bake Off

19th October 2014

ďHands That Help are Holier than the Lips that PrayĒ Baba.

As part of the Global Service Project, a group of SSE Teachers, Parents and Children got together on Sunday 19th October to freshly make and deliver Diwali food for our local Elderly Care Home. About 30 adults and children came to our house and had lots of fun in making around 750 pieces of 4 different type of Diwali food. The day started off with prayers and each child sang a bhajan as an offering to our Dearest Swami and for Baba to remain with us and help us in achieving this great service task. Firstly all the Adults and children were sorted into small task team.

We had lots of parents and teachers to help and guide us. We cleaned our hands before we were let lose in getting on in making our special Diwali food. Messages were given out ďReady, Steady, Cook!Ē and the cooking began.

All the children started by making 150 coconut and jam biscuits. First we greased the baking trays then using the coconut and jam biscuit mix, we moulded it into a squashed sphere. Each child then placed the squashed spheres on the greased baking trays, keeping it about an inch apart from each other. Then, using the edge of a small spoon, we made a small cross on them before the adults placed it into the oven.

Once the coconut and jam biscuits came out of the oven and had cooled down, the children decorated them in (of course) coconut and jam. They placed the jam and sprinkled desiccated coconut on top of the jam.

The adults were making ghugaras (pronounced ghu-ga-ras). First they rolled out the pastry into a circle and filled that with crushed nuts, roasted semolina and sugar. That was then beautifully sealed with a twist and made ready to fry it later. The adults with the help of our older brothers and sister made around 500 ghugaras throughout the day.

After that everybody took a break and had a Sai Family lunch. Before we sat down the food prayer and a poem was recited. For lunch there was a MASSIVE selection of food to choose from. There was homemade pizza, homemade sandwiches and even a homemade cake! (The homemade cake was for Asha aunty because it was her birthday).

After we filled our appetite, the children continued with the next task of making coconut balls with Asha aunty. First we poured desiccated coconut into a basin along with a tin of condensed milk. Asha aunty helped us mix it all together and then the children started making the coconut balls.

We made different coloured batches of coconut balls e.g. orange, yellow, red and ruby and some with sprinkles of coco powder. We all had lots of fun making the coconut balls as we were able to get our hands all sticky and covered in different colour food ink. It was really easy and great fun filled activity.

Towards the end, everybody helped make ghugaras including the children. Bharat uncle showed us how to make the twist in the ghugahas. And throughout the activities we all sang lots of bhajans one after the other, it was like Akhand Bhajans non-stop.

I had a wonderful day and everybody else did too, BABA had blessed us to have a wonderful day and we did.

Written by Nishika Thaker Aged 11.

Diwali Poem

Written by Nishika Thaker (Ages 11).

When the doors are decorated,
And the lanterns are lit,
And when the house wears its finest clothes,
Thatís when we all will celebrate DIWALI

When the house is bursting with people,
And the children shriek in delight,
And when the sweet and savoury traditional are made,
Thatís when we all will celebrate DIWALI

When our enemy, the dark nights come by,
And the fireworks light the sky,
And when our fears are all gone,
Thatís when we all will celebrate DIWALI

When thereís paper everywhere,
And the children play with their gifts,
And when the gifts are offered to the Gods,
Thatís when we all will celebrate DIWALI

When the chatter, laughter and noise is made,
And the air is so pleasant,
And when nobody can wait any longer...
Thatís when we all will really celebrate DIWALI
Happy DIWALI to you and your family!

Jai Sai Ram.