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Region 1 – Wimbledon Sai Centre: Ladies Day Celebrations

Ladies Day was celebrated at Wimbledon Sai Centre on Sunday 16th November 2014. All programmes on this day were conducted by the lady members of the Centre. The ladies were clad in pink outfits which reminded me of one of Swami’s quotations “Make your life a rose that speaks silently in the language of fragrance. So pink is the colour of that rose.”

The programme started at 9.30am with unity prayers and Gayatri mantra followed by chanting of the 108 names of the Lord. The bajans for the day were sung by the lady devotees. The Maha Mruthanjaya Mantra was also chanted. It was concluded with Arati to Bhagavan.

The guest speaker for the day was Sister Vidyu Narayan, the current National SSE coordinator and one of Swami’s students. Sister Vidyu shared with us many unforgettable experiences with Swami. Through her stories she explained Swami’s unconditional love for every living being, the importance and power of collective prayers and how Swami responds to our call if we all pray with intense devotion. Prayer is communion with God directly, thereby strengthening and developing our relationship with Him. Immense powers and benefits are associated with prayers and have alleviated many from sickness and sufferings. Through praying we are having our own intimate conversation with our chosen deity. He listens as long as our prayers stems from the devotion within our hearts. Praying enables one to increase levels of concentration and will help us to tap into a new source of energy as we begin to focus within. It will also remind us of the Lord’s omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience.

Sister Vidyu also spoke about the importance of developing self-confidence. Often in life we face dilemmas, some of these are self-inflicted and we cause our own problems. Others are the product of circumstances around us. When we are confused with what is right and what we should do, we can turn to our conscience. Our conscience is the unfailing voice of God that guides us from within. Sister Vidyu concluded by saying that every time our conscience ‘prods us’ wait, think and follow it and we will find that the action we have taken is the most appropriate one.

Wimbledon Sai centre moved to a new location in August 2013 and many new devotees and children from the locality have joined the Centre. Sister Vidyu’s speech was enlightening to all our new parents and children.

The wonderful and beautiful Ladies Day came to a conclusion with the distribution of special prasadam lovingly prepared by the ladies.

Mrs Mallika Wimalasekera (SSE Teacher)
Wimbledon Sai Centre