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Region 1 - Merton Centre: Ladies Day

Merton Sai Centre we celebrated Ladies Day with great devotion and simplicity. The presence of our beloved Sai was felt who has declared 19th November to celebrate womanhood and He gave guidance on how to be an ideal woman. He reminds us not to forget our household duties despite being educated and working. He reminded us that our mother plays a vital role in shaping the future of her children, mother must infuse human values in her children. We should conduct ourselves in the manner to help ever and hurt never. To treat guests cordially and empathise with those who are in difficulties.

The ladies sang melodious bhajans, all the musical instruments were played by the ladies and the technical equipment was operated by the ladies including the microphones. This was followed by a DVD of a discourse given by Swami. We were transported to Kulwant Hall instantly. The devotion and love was felt by all. We finished with parsadam. Thank you to our Beloved Sai for giving us the opportunity to celebrate this day with our sisters.

Dina Rawal - Co SSE Coordinator - Merton Centre