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Region 5 - Laksharchana at Preston

Swami`s Laksharchana was organised at Preston on19th October 2014 to mark the celebrations of the Avatar Declaration Day.

This was a long awaited regional sathsang in Preston since the previous sathsang was organised way back in 1987. Devotees came in large numbers to enjoy the vibrations. Mr Vadgama came all the way from London to organise the sathsang. The day started with a procession amidst Vedam chanting when the blessed padhukas and the kalash were brought to the stage by devotees. Bhajans followed the Vedam which led to the Laksharchana prayers. The name of our beloved Bhagawan was taken 100000 times on the day and the whole hall was reverberating with Divine vibrations.

Dr Veerabhadra Rao (National Vice Chair) came as the guest speaker for the sathsang. The 250-300 devotees were left contemplating on Bhagawan after his talk. He emphasised on “what is the lakshya (goal) of the Laksharchana”. He said that namasmarana is the means of attaining happiness. He mentioned that “True happiness is union with God”. He reiterated the fact that we should not limit the Laksharchana to just that day at that venue. We should instead make sure that our whole life is a constant laksharchana. We should live in contemplation of the Divine every second of our life.

The laksharchana was viewed by devotees from various countries through live streaming. Devotees from Lithuania joined the laksharchana through the live streaming and chanted the name by using a screen at their end.

The entire region also participated in the National Service Project during the same weekend by delivering packs of items to Refuge UK (an Organisation which works with children who have been affected by domestic violence).

Kailash Venkat
Region 5 Chair