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Region 1 - Mitcham Sai Group Birthday Celebrations

Mitcham Sai Group sathsang is once a month on the last Friday of each month. Hence on Friday 28/11/2013 we lovingly observed this as a beautiful celebration of our beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s 89th divine birthday.

We commenced the celebration at 07:00pm with the Chanting of Gayatri Mantra, followed by the chanting of the 108 names of our Lord’s divine lotus feet – Asthothra Padugha Namawali for which the Chair Person of Mitcham Sai – sister Sheila, who sadly lost her beloved husband a weeks back, did “Pushpanjali puja” (placing flowers 108 times at the Lotus feet for each chant) with rose flower petals. As the third line of the Namawali was chanted – a rose flower that was at the top of our beloved Swami’s large photograph fell down – indicating his loving presence and for dear sister Sheila – it was a blessing and a loving message from Swami about her late husband.

We then had well sung multi lingual Bhajan session - sung by various age groups.

This was followed by the Birthday cake cutting ceremony when all the devotees joined in happily and joyously to sing the renowned Sri Sai Birthday song – Tere Janam. All the devotees, happily invited Sister Sheila and two members of the youth to join her cut the cake - she was very emotional. This was followed with Aarthi done by all the devotees taking turns (as this is normal at our Center Bhajans) for the continued chanting of the Aarthi song, ending with Samastha Loka Suckino Bavanthu. We also observed a minute’s silence to pay our respect to late Kinglsey Gamage – the late husband of our sister Sheila.

We then had an interesting Quiz session that was conducted by a member of the Regional Youth - where simple questions about the birth of our beloved Lord and HIS physical family, including mother Easwarammah were explored, after which two winners were presented with gifts. This was followed by a very brief interactive discussion about the significance of celebrating Bhagawan Baba’s birthday each year. We had several inputs from various age groups. At the conclusion it was agreed that the best Birthday gift to our dearest Bhagawan would be the transformation of each one of us in line with the teachings of our Lord – which will automatically change our lives.

We also had the loving company of our dear brother Yogesh Swaminathan – our Regional Chair person, The Vice-Chair Rajinder Bhai and family along with Regional Service Coordinator Jay Bhai and his wife - who participated in all the proceedings of the evening and also contributed very wisely for the Quiz and interactive sessions.

The evening came to an end with prasadam being served to all the devotees.

Jai Sai Ram
Mitcham Sai Group