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Region 6 - Roschester Sai Centre Birthday Celebrations

This was planned to be a fully loaded celebration program. The celebration began with start of Swami’s Darshan music, a procession by Bal Vikas Children carrying Baba’s Paduka, offering of betel leaf with flower and rice, all presented to swami’s lotus feet at the Aashan.

The Children performed prayer and Slokas learned in their classes and unison bhajan.
After the Children commenced programme, the Vedam chanting was performed followed by Sri Sathya Sai Ashtottara Namawali.

Wonderful uplifting 9 bhajans sang by the centre members accompanied with Harmonium, Dholak, Tabla.

After the devotional singing, a various performance was done the Bal Vikas children. Harmonium and Dholak to two bhajans “love is my Form” and “I keep feeling your love”

The children also recited poem and group 1 children performed dance to “ Tuhi ho Mata”. The Group 2 children presented a wonderful play titled “Do not tell lies even for fun!”

The Children performance was followed by an inspirational speech by our guest speaker and our Regional Chair Dr Mahesh Narayan, who presented us some old pictures of Swami in his younger days and shared his own experiences . Whilst we were listening to Dr Mahesh, we felt as if we were there with Swami freely mingling with all devotes. The message of sharing and giving came loud and clear. Share the Love, Share Good experiences, Give generously so left hand does not know what right hand gave and share within your means.

This was followed by beautiful devotional dance performance by a very talented young girl -Surya Titled “Udduraja Mukhi” a Malayalam song defining the Beauty of Goddess Lakshmi.

There are no birthday celebration without cutting a cake so after doing Jhoola ceremony with the Advent of Sai and “ Jhoolana Jhulaye”, Cake was cut by the children and Dr Mahesh.

The program was concluded with Mangala Arathi (plates decorated by children)

After Mangala Arathi, Prasadam was distributed and consumed.

The centre would like to thank all those who attended the celebration.

In Loving Sai Service
Mani ChairPerson
Rochester Sai Centre