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Region 1 - Bromley Sai Centre: Birthday Celebrations

My parents brought me to the Bromley Sai celebrations on Sunday 23rd November and I was thoroughly looking forward to this Day.
Firstly the hall was a different one to the usual hall that our centre uses but once the talented ladies created a beautiful alter adorned in golden and deepest burgundy colours the setting became a familiar surrounding, with wafts of fragrant vibhuti filling the air with warmth and love .

As the energy filled the hall with around 100 devotees, I could see my fellow Balvikaas students placing the beautiful yellow sashes around our bright white uniforms in readiness for the March Past.
The music arrived promptly as we excitedly took our places and proudly saluted our Lord. Once the melodious bhajans were sung by our gifted singers, this set the scene for our love offerings on our beloved Lords 89th Birthday.

All my fellow students performed short stories on why we love learning the human values at our regular classes with committed and hardworking teachers by our side. The nursery class also sang beautifully and the whole congregation enjoyed their performance.

The speaker Aunty Louise who reminded us of all the small miracles that occur in our everyday life, which we must not fail to notice, inspired us and show gratitude as Our Lord is everywhere and in all the paths we take.

The final part of the evening involved the cake cutting of a creamy fruitcake and gently swinging our Lord on a beautiful swing, whilst enjoying the video presentation of Our Lord explaining how the5 Human values are inter-connected.

I had exams all week but did not want to miss the opportunity of tasting the delicious prasadam of hot curries and birthday cake, which the ladies of our centre take great care in preparing and organising. Everyone helped to tidy the hall and left this year’s celebration with elation and love ...a good feeling that I will take with me into my school next week.

Sai Ram
SSE Children - Nikhil and Naina Rampal aged 15 and 12 Helped by Mum