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Region 4 - Birthday Celebrations at Rugby Sai Centre

At the sound of the third “gong” the celebrations of Bhagwan’s 89th birthday started with three Omkars followed by the opening prayers, recitation of the Lingastakum and 108 Namavali paduka pooja to welcome our Bhagwan.

Candle lit alter of pink and purple drapes , Swami adorned with a beautiful garland that swept to his lotus feet blessing all present in the Abhaya Hasta pose.

We opened the programme with our SSE children marching displaying plaques of Swami’s teachings; Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prem and Ahimsa, singing “He is Love so learn to Love“ – how apt as the theme was “His work & His words“

We had a short video presentation of Swami’s work followed by a play by our SSE children on “DO DEEDS FOLLOW WORDS”.... followed by 2 songs.

Rugby’s Lord Mayor Mr. Ramesh Shrivastava gave an insight into his role and also how Swami’s teachings will help us all to be ideal human beings.

This was followed by vibrational multi faith bhajans in Swahili, English and Tamil.

A presentation of classical Krishna dance by two very young and talented girls from the Rugby Bharatanatyam group, set the scene for the recitation and translation of chapter 15 from the holy Gita , was beautifully presented by two of our centre ladies.

This was followed by a talk quoting from the book “ Sai-cology” mirroring the Gita recitation ! The second part of the video of Bhagwan’s work/words was followed by the cutting of the cake and vote of thanks.

The programme ended with unison songs “Every man is your son divine“ & “May the Love we’re sharing“

Rugby Sai Centre