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Region 1 - "Life is a Game, Play It"

Sai Badminton Tournament

Saturday the 6th of December saw the 3rd Youth vs Adults Badminton tournament, hosted at Tiffin Boys Grammar School organised by our regional chair and youth coordinator to strengthen the bond between the youth and adults of our region. The assembled 6 Youth and 6 Adults had an enjoyable time and the event was perceived as a resounding success. All who attended found the session to be a great bonding experience that all are eager to repeat soon. The games consisted of different youth pairs squaring off against different adult pairs, with new opponents and partners each time. Play started at 2:30PM continually over 3 courts and the day concluded at 5:00PM, with a total of 63 games played over the 3 hour session.

Though the youth put up an admirable effort, the final score was 26-37 to the adult doubles pairs. The day was well spent with wins and losses for both sides, however that is all part of the game. As youth, these games gave us an opportunity to interact with our Sai-Elders in a way we had never done before, making it an amazing experience and one we would all wish to continue. We also had an SSE Child keeping the registration, scores of all games. The adults felt this to be a way to connect and interact with the youth of today and get to know them outside their busy schedules and to see them interact outside the usual setting we see them in, bridging the gap between generations.

This integration of youth and adults through sport has brought a new way of learning to work together. Region 1 has a great family feel, due to the way that we all find it easy to communicate with each other. By doing more of these kinds of events, we are able to bridge any gaps where youth may find it hard to talk to the adults and vice versa.

After all, Swami has said “The supreme virtue in every human being is to forget their individual differences and move with everyone in a spirit of harmony and equality. What lends beauty to sports and games is this spirit of unity. Unfortunately many people today derive only physical fitness and strength from sports and games, not the spirit of love and unity! Fulfilment in life can never be attained from physical health and strength alone. Even if your stomach is full, you can be happy only when both your body and mind are healthy. Young people must understand this truth and not be focused only on physique and beauty. The Divine has endowed everyone with physical, mental and spiritual potencies of many kinds. Your mind is the source of infinite powers. A subdued mind can help you realize the Divine. Recognize the magnitude of your internal powers and leverage them in your daily lives.” (Taken from My dear Students, Volume 5 Chapter 14, 14 January 1996).

We were informed the Tournaments will carry on into future years, and now look forward to the next tournament that is scheduled to take place in Mid-February 2015. We hope all who wish to play will be able to join us on that day. This also give the youth enough time to practice hard and come back to give the adults more of a competition!

Sai Ram
Lakshan Surendran - Youth Tooting Sai Centre