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National Christmas Celebrations 2014 – CCP

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing support you have shown us, and for your hospitality, during our participation at the Christmas Celebrations in Cheltenham. I am overwhelmed with the good will you have collectively offered to CCP and our Food Share. It has been incredible and we are blown away with the support and, more importantly, the outcomes.

Hamper Scamper is CCP's Christmas giving scheme, providing gifts and food hampers for some of the counties most disadvantaged children, young people, families and vulnerable adults. Using donated food and gifts CCP is aiming to supply 500 hampers and in excess of 1000 gifts to children and young people. The food and gifts donated to CCP transform many Christmases.

We have successfully dispatched 557 awesomely packed Christmas hampers out to those in need this Christmas. You may be interested to know that collectively your congregation donated 815 separate items of food. We undertake valuation (because lots of people ask us the value of the project) and using our ‘average’ calculation can place a value of £1,122.00. Quite incredible!

From everyone at CCP, our beneficiaries and probably most notably Chris and Dave – the organisers of Hamper Scamper 2014- thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It really is heartening to know we have your pure and positive energy behind the work of CCP.

All best Wishes for a peaceful Christmas and to 2015. There’s much work to be done.

Cordell Ray
Chief Executive Officer, CCP
15 Royal Crescent